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It was a mild, spring evening. The breezes hardly touched the leaves of Ashenvale's magical crown. Branches grew impenetrably and dense in the higher regions, taking away most of the light from the undergrowth that - with no other enemy - still made a thick layer on the ground.
No orc axes limited the wild prosperity of the forest back then. It has not yet heard the name "Warsong", nor even the one "Burning Legion".
In this Ashenvale a weakened moonlight met two shiny furred black sabers. One was doing her regular evening wash, the other lay in the grass lazily. Their saddled, muscular bodies were just waiting to be able to vanish into the night again, scurrying through the forest as pale shadows. But for that they needed their masters who would give them direction. Who on the other hand kept only muttering to each other.
The male and the female both were hiding their faces with the cowls of their cloaks, that only gave away their silver eyes illuminated by the moon rays from their right. The male wore leather armor and a bow on his shoulder. A keen sword was tightened to his back, the blade decorated by the motives of branches and leaves.
"I'm glad you have come" he whispered, and held the hand of the woman, who tilted her head. A few purple locks fell from her hood. She twiddled reluctantly with her robe that toyed with the tones of black and dark violet. The staff on her back ending in the shape of a first quarter moon pointed to her right, as if it had urged her.
"We can't meet for some time" she finally said.
"Is it the preparation for that ceremony again?"
She looked at him in the eyes, but did not reply, only nodded. He let her hand go then and folded his arms in front of him grumbling.
"She really could allow you some space. Is She even making you feed Her?!"
"Excuse me?" she asked, with some edge in her voice.
The hunter sighed.
"I'm sorry, I did not mean to think ill of Her. I'd just like to see you more."
"It's not possible. Not now. Maybe if..." hearing some movement in the foliage the female quieted, and she looked upward, to her left.
"What is it?" he asked, his eyes following hers.
"I think I've heard something. Are you sure we are alone?"
They both listened intently for minutes, carefully scanning the forest around them from ground to branches.
The male eventually replied:
"I would have noticed being followed" he said confidently "and I know this point falls out of the sentinels' patrol route. Maybe it was a squirrel" he smiled back at the female.
"Maybe..." she sighed surrendering. "But now I must return."
"Stay a little more..." he asked. She kissed the hunter silencing him.
"Next time."
Turning her back on the hunter she set off towards her saber. The beast seeing her master immediately stopped licking herself, jumping to her feet. The female elf quickly seated herself into the saddle, and on their way they were.

The male stood there long, watching moveless as the two figures get further and further from him... and closer to Zin Azshari.


This is NOT a love story, I swear. :D) It actually will be a character background story. ;)

Also, it does contain some self-added lore. I have done my research, but I couldn't find answers to ALL my questions.

I do hope no one will find it as bad as a lorelol. However if you find something I have overlooked, please do tell.

Feedback is more than welcome. :)
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evassaC Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2010  Professional Writer
Very well done :clap:

Being a very fond wow player (and Loremaster :P) I really like how you gave the idea of Old Ashenvale that little extra edge by giving away where the (priestess?) with her Saber was heading.
I like the intro as well, how it builds up towards the meeting and it really makes me wonder who or what it was that startled the female character.

Although you say it's not a love story, I have to disagree :P It's like it has this... Romeo and Juliet kind of setting, placed in WoW. She cannot meet with him, for she is of (high) blood and he is nothing more but a hunter that roams the forests.

Overall, I really like it :D

If you have questions about the Lore, please feel free to ask :)
Krysella Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2010
Ah as for questions, what I wanted to know is night elf "economy" - turned out, that's not really a good word for it at all; but mainly the everyday Kaldorei "trading". Since they have a rather developed culture, I'd rather think they would have some kind of "trading", or otherwise it would be do it yourself for everyone from gathering everything from food to lumber to make your arrows from, etc.
I even opened a thread about this on the wow-eu RPG forum some time ago - but I think time ate it. :S I did get some answers though, like night elves (before Hyjal anyway) didn't even use gold. Their community was so highly developed and utopian, that they just worked for each other because of all being sisters and brothers. And wisps also helped a great deal.

Like I said, I did get some answers, but not enough to actually picture an average day... erm night :D in the ancient Ashenvale. So I had to fill in some gasps. Though I'm still waiting for any clarification on anything - I just hope it won't be something that would break the whole story. xD
Well sorry for the long rant. But you've asked. :D
evassaC Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010  Professional Writer
Hehe, no worry :D
Well, It's true they had a true Utopia going on and it would take decades for it to crumble down like it did.
From what I know, there was just trading. And by that I mean, someone just did something for another and in return that Nelf did something back.
Of coarse you can bend the rules a bit and change a little in the form of trading. I mean, there had to be skinners, carpenters, hunters, tailors etc.
But instead of gold trading, it was just

/y WTT [Peacebloom] for [Small Eggs]

Krysella Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2010
That's fair enough. But there is the idea of "Never taking more than what you need." Well that again needs a system, or it would end up to DIY for everyone again. So my idea is that the elves that were responsible for the food, always had to have a very good idea of how much they would need, to avoid waste, right?
Krysella Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2010
Ah, what I've been waiting for so long! ^^'

Wow, thanks for the meaty comment! :D

As for the love part, I just mean the style won't stay like this, it's just the Prologue, mainly there to give some important info. :) But maybe I should continue and show, instead of babbling. :P

But thanks a lot for the compliments! Really appreciated and glad you liked it! I'll try to do my best in keeping it up!
evassaC Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010  Professional Writer
:) I would be very happy to read them :D
Sorry for the late reply, been off hiking throughout the country ^^
Krysella Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2010
...and I've been busy with patch 4.0. >.>
At least you've taken some nice pics! :D
evassaC Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2010  Professional Writer
<3 patch 4.0.

To bad they nerfed Boomkins already -.-
I was OP for 1 day... 1 day in the whole history of WoW...

And blizzard goes: Nooo... We shall not have that! Mediocore damage for you!

*sad panda*
Krysella Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2010
Well Selina ambushed for 5-6k on Wednesday instead the pre-patch 2-3k. Though I couldn't play on Thursday, and now I'm afk so...
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